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You know what maybe I should stop being optimistic but if I had then I wouldnt have ran stfs aslong as I have after all in my case I have run 1000's of Elites and not had a single prototype tech or salvage drop. I have seen folks quit just because folks on the forums assumed something was deliberate because they are jaded but I dont sit there thinking "why do we play sto we always get the pointy end of the stick" I try to enjoy the game. So I am sorry for being hopefull and enjoying a game.

BUT No one frome cryptic has said that change is permenant or accidental and all I have been trying to say is folks need to stop assuming itll never change after all every MMO is subject to change its the "Nature of the beast" but being negative doesnt help anyone and just ruins the fun aspect of the game itself.
No need to apologize. It's nice to not be the only person who focusses ont he good side of things.

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