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I understand that it can be very powerful, however it is my hope that the setting of 1v1 will provide a partial correction since loading up 3 special consoles becomes detrimental to a ship's performance when unsupported. If I am incorrect and it provides an extreme advantage to those using the time-ships then I'll take steps to even it out.

However, there is a reason that I am allowing some consoles and disallowing others, mainly because I cannot please everybody and I want to draw the most people possible. If I remove all consoles then I turn people away, if I allow all consoles then I turn people away, by allowing some and disallowing others I try to hit a compromise and get the most people in.
I agree you cant satisfy all, but IF players are going to shy off cause they cant use their pay to win consoles, then that says ALOT about them. And its rather sad that players are becoming this way, that the only way they can win is to pay themselves to victory. Some pvp skill that is.

But fair enough try and see how it goes, but my gut feeling is already telling me that people who has spent the most money will win pr default.
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