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10-22-2012, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by woerligen View Post
A new, genuine Bridge Officer species? I am delighted!

With a bit of luck, they'll add the TOS Vulcan Nurse hairstyle that was seen on the... Vulcan nurse NPC.

Whatever, I am a species collector and happy to see an additional bridge officer species. If this works out, maybe we'll also get regular, customizable (and female) Remans?*

*Obisek's Remans are allies of New Romulus and several Remans have settled there as well.
Yeah, but I noticed the negative too: It's gated behind the embassy system. I sincerely hope there are other ways to get Romulan bridge officers than through this system. I'm burnt out on the Starbase grind at this point; I'm not sure I can slog through another one, especially if they have anywhere near the requirements of the starbase system.

I hope Cryptic realizes that not all players want to be in big fleets -- or even be in fleets at all -- but may still want to be involved in the Romulan side of things.