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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Bah! This whole thing looks, feels, and stinks like the usual 'Federation' nonsense! As usual, little consideration is given to the KDF perspective. And Cryptic wonders why people don't invest time into the KDF. . .
Yeah especially since these new kits probally will not let us use aspects the npcs the feds fight from the KDF have special swordmaster, dahar master, and targ handler abilities. In a lot of cases Cryptic just looks at what we are talking about as missions for leveling content when what we are really saying is we want our own Klingon type captain only skills, more diverse ships (fed has atleast 2:1 or even 3:1 on ship choices), and also those kits I mentioned above. I just do not get the mentality that because a faction might be smaller that it should be purposely neglected. It's like building a house made out of glass and then put a sign outside that says lots of rock... throw them at my house.