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The Red Ribbon Army is a small casual fleet looking for more members willing to help with the starbase (and upcoming embassy). Promotions are given out fairly to all with lots of room for advancement. as i said we are a casual fleet and i understand that there is a life beyond the keyboard so i do not require complete dedication to the fleet and only the fleet, i expect our members to have fun and advance their own characters as well and as fleet admiral i strive to provide a friendly fun and enjoyable environment for my membership, be you team players or lone wolves. as it stands we have reached T-2 starbase with relatively few members but ill be honest the cost is getting high, we have decided that we have invested far too much to throw it away and join a larger fleet and id hate to see the base come to a halt or to see my members suffer a constant state of being broke just to advance so i put this call to arms out to anyone willing to join us and help i would greatly appreciate it. as i said we are a casual fleet so if youre a solo player who has put off joining a fleet, i wont require your participation in fleet events but if youre a social kind of player were quite friendly and helpful.

if youre interested please pm or send an in game mail to me at Bespin@bespin18