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10-22-2012, 06:01 PM
First things first, the progression of an Embassy is shorter than that of a Starbase. A fleet of players running at maximum efficiency can completely finish their Embassy in less than half the time and cost it takes to complete their Starbase. This design decision gives players smaller, achievable holdings to complete on their continual road of constructing their Starbase.
My argument will start with this... Its too late.

If the fleet-bases and embassies were released together, at the start of Season Six, the smaller fleets would not have lost time, energy, resources, and money. Instead of injecting all their efforts into a gigantic project, the smaller fleets could have constructed the embassy. You guys wasted everyone's money and time.

Season Seven is all about stealing progress and money away from players. Regardless about what type of player you are (casual or elite), we all end up losing a lot from this particular update.

Unless you guys give stf players their full credit, as well as return the resources and money the smaller fleets lost for attempting fleetbase construction, I personally think you are about to lose 80% to 85% of the player base.

When it comes to accommodating smaller fleets, the only thing you had to do is lower the resource requirements. People would not have lost time, energy, money (zen purchase), and resources. You guys didn't release these details at the start of Season Six; thus, you waited until people sunk a mess of money into the system.

How are you guys going to resolve this issue?

Once Season Seven hits the holodeck server, the ability to prevent fallout will be extremely difficult.

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