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# 1 Over hunting
10-22-2012, 08:16 PM
I seem to have hit a slight problem in maintaining the economy of STO.

Over the last few months my Gorn has been enthusiastically pillaging his way around the galaxy. For fun and profit (Well mostly profit), oh and for off paper supplies for certain Gorn "Youth movements", but we don't want the Klingon Green Slime to look too closely at.

However like all good things, its seems to have come to an end. Like all Piracy campaigns in history or hunting, it seems that I've over done it. Where once before you'd see freighters of each species queuing up to leap into your gun sights, Over the last week you'll be lucky to see a single Andorian one scurrying for the bushes. The number of freighters appearing on sensors has dropped dramatically. It seems I've just blown up too many, and now they can't breed in sufficient numbers.

Yes, the number of Freighter piracy missions seems to have dwindled, not even Vulcan's are available, let alone tasty human ones.

So I wish to apologise for going on a bit of a Piracy bender, and wiping out natures stocks of them.