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Originally Posted by traptpatriot View Post
Why not just have it cost EC instead? Like 50k for very rare. That is obtainable, very easily if you are experienced. EC would be a more viable currency IMO.
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Because EC is really easy to come by.
I'll have to agree. Everyone gets EC, whether they're shooting for it or not, and it flows in much higher quantities than anything else. One lucky drop can net you hundreds of thousands, even millions. Players can simply give it away after a certain point. Its pretty much worthless unless you account for the sheer amount of it floating around and its mobility.

Dilithium flows at a much lower rate, can't be directly transferred, and is always useful for something (even if its just Zen). If you have a million dilithium, that's a fortune in Zen! A million in EC isn't really a big deal.
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