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Originally Posted by commodoreshrvk View Post
I agree, why do Klingons have an Embassy??? I find that very odd. Shouldn't the Klingon counterpart have been something like a Garrison??? That would have kept things in line (marauding rather than diplomacy).

The decision just does not make sense to me.
Reminds me even if they did do a RSE version of what the KDF is or better... It would just be an additional cut and paste under the theme of the federation view of the quadrant with the words Klingon Empire or Romulan Star Empire to start off. After that it would just be abbreviated although you will never see the federation shortened in dialogue.

I'm sure they do all they can but to do the game/franchise/IP justice they either need to do it right or give the reins over to someone who can. I for one am tired of this cut and paste with federation propaganda while trying to enjoy the gagh while it still can move.

Cut and paste of this magnitude will never stop tho they will eventually make a Borg Faction that will do stf's and the borg npc's will say resistance is futile... and ummm I'd be sitting there saying yea dude I know... I am like borg and stuff... Pure lazy yep I can see this happening too.

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