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10-22-2012, 10:25 PM
I'm quite happy with the Peghqu. Tanks fairly well with the build in my sig. For an engy the DPS is half decent too (I think anyway).

Can tank everything in elite STFs. Just have to be careful with ise sphere mobs or neg+raptor combo in cse, but otherwise, very survivable.

I find DBB's are more useful in STFs, if absolute DPS is more important than switch them out for D(H)Cs.
The DBB wider firing arc, combined with FaW3, APB1, TT1 & nadion inversion means solid AoE dmg and can get closer and still affect more NPCs (wider firing arc) than cannons with scatter.

Then run over them with warp plasma, dropping aceton assimilar and DPB3 buffed tric mines in the middle of em.

Good fun.

Peghqu for in close battles, Bortasqu for standoff range damage/tanking.
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