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Originally Posted by ghostlymage View Post
i just had this question pop into mind today thought someone here could answer.
i know that with power settings the max anyone can go for a full bonus to that setting is 125 and for people who think otherwise need to be slapped in the face because even developers in there podcasts have confirmed this.

But what i want to know is does this also applie to the skill bonuses as well say if i have full 9 points put into ship targeting systems does that mean if i use my chimera destroyer the +30 to the skill i get does not stack? if it does stack what bonus extra stat wise am i getting in return, and yes i know extra bonus accuaracy goes toward critical hit and damg want i want are the precentages?
So far as I can tell the bonuses stack.

In fact I'm pretty sure of it. My engineer is a human with Warp Theorist and 7 ranks of Warp Core Potential, and an Odyssey Science Cruiser with all three pieces of the Ody set.

The EPS stat is therefore:

89 (from the base stat) + 10 (from Warp Theorist) + 12 (from the Odyssey set bonus) = 111.

I'm pretty sure that's what it actually reads in-game according to the stat screen, at least when I'm in a planetary system.