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Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post

I have a question about the feature that lets a lower-ranked player in a fleet take control if the leader's been inactive for 30 days.

If someone's in a fleet all by themselves (for whatever reason), and they are inactive for 30 or more days...what happens? Do they lose control, or does the system keep them in control as they're the only character in the fleet?
I assume that whoever is the Fleet Leader remains the leader indefinite.

The game Guild Wars (Original One) - Has a system in which if the Guild Leader becomes inactive for a set amount of time, Leadership of the Guild is automatically passed on to the next player that logs on as active or an ACTIVE Officer on the roster.

It means that the original Guild Leader loses leadership despite his or her investment in the Guild -

Although if the Guild leader is the only one remaining - The Guild DOES NOT auto-disband, meaning he or she remains as lead as long as they are the only ones in the roster and most recent active.