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There is a complete new Sector Block...

will there be any new DOff Assignments and or Chains for it?

This new Romulan Sector SCREAMS for an expansion of the DOff Missions like the last DS9 Featured Series got.

I know there will probably be new DOffs with the Embassy Holding, but honestly, i have enough good "cards" in my deck by now, i don't really have a need for more.

I want a *reason to play* the DOff System again.
It's gotten stale, it feels like it is on life support since Heretic left and all that we get now are the occasional new Active Roster Power through LockBox-DOffs or by random C-Store packs that don't even guarantee a purple outcome for $.

The Active Roster Powers are at best a BONUS from the DOff System, but not a *reason to play* the DOff System itself.

I did not have to make an update to my DOff Sheet (link in sig) since the Caitian/Ferasan Chain was introduced MONTHS ago and even that one turned out badly in terms of community interaction, simply because the Steps were all so easy to find and everybody was done with the Chain within a week or two...

SO... anything good for the DOff System in Season 7?
and if no, when?