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10-23-2012, 03:25 AM
I am not that surprised that the costs on the upgrinder increased, with airlocking devaluated it was the only thing left to do with non starbase fit doffs. Unless you were lazy like me and airlocked them anyway.

To be honest, I can live with the 1k dilithium on general recruitments, the foundry daily pays for it just fine, and unless dilithium yielding missions get severly reduced I have no problems to fill my daily 8k fast enough.

The upgrinder cost feels for me like someone sledgehammered the problem at hand. That it was really easy to repeatedly down- and upgrind. Because 250 dilithium is just peanuts for an altoholic. So yeah the new costs will get the job done of making that unprofitable.

But instead of screaming bloody murder you perhaps should ask yourselves the question if 'the job get's done' with other means or with a lower cost.

Would it become unprofitable with let's say 2.5/3k for the purple grinder? It would probably prevent me from throwing every blue I get at it, but as you recall (see above) I'm lazy and while I am able to get quite a bit of dilithium per day it wouldn't exactly count as something that I call good entertainment.

With 5/6k there is no question what I do with blues, either throw at some fitting doff exchange or downgrind to whites to feed my hungry starbase. Half the price would at least make me think a second about getting a nice purple before downgrinding it anyway (yay starbases! )

If you continue that line of thought the next thing cryptic probably has to do then is to increase the downgrind assignment duration to one minute, something that I really don't want to happen.