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10-23-2012, 04:26 AM
And what do those extra assignments bring?

Currently only doff assignments worth your bother are:
1. Those that bring DXP so you can share slipstream speed boost with friends
2. Those that bring dilithium
3. Optionally you can add one fastfilling commission assignments (engineering, medicine or military) so you can earn fleet marks/credits after 100K in that commision
4. Optionally also, those assignments involved into creating MK12 consoles that can earn you a nice amount of EC

Why is that so?
Because you can practically buy any DoFF you need at the exchange and because apart from diplomacy, other commissions don't reward you any buffs, items or whatever else outside of DoFF system. Also the maxed diplomacy opens a certain story option you can use on replay if you want to. No other commission can do that.

OP also mentioned gambling where you pay Zen for a box without a purple DoFF - is someone really buying those boxes for Zen? I'm not giving a single Zen for gambling, I'm probably annoying by saying it, but sorry, I don't have the addiction for gambling and Cryptic believes we've all came to STO just to lose our pants on their gambling boxes fraud.

If nothing really changes with the DoFF system but more useless things get added, ppl will simply stop using it completely. Just as happened with crafting.

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