Thread: Is AMSing OK?
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10-23-2012, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
AMSing is bad.

SS is... well, it used to be that nobody ran with SS builds because they were simply annoying and would just lead to a situation where it was countered with more scrambles and thus created a circle of annoying SS usage that didn't really increase anybody's enjoyment of the game.
But then Cryptic decided that they needed to nerf CPB and TachBeam and thus left SS as one of the few sci abilities that are still somewhat useful...

We had the total scrambling back in 2011 when some teams were running with more than 6 copies of SS2/3, and it was possible to survive. But it was no fun to play these matches.

Is it op? Probably not so much. But balance and fun are different things.
but what would you rather have if you had to pick one? ss spam but can see the map or ams spam and cant see anyone? if it comes down to ams, then both sides need to ams at the same time, hit brace for impact and spam faw and hope you kill thoes tric mines that you cant see comming for you.