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10-23-2012, 05:48 AM
It's expected that Cryptic will be stripping the ability to earn dilithium from STFs. That's a massive influx of fleet resources that we could loose. Therefore we're going to have to spend more real money to make it up - Or stop altogether.

According to Tribble, Cryptic is going to charge people for picking up duty officers from the Academies that are currently free. While one person doesn't make a massive amount of DoFF's from the system, a fleet worth does make an impact on it's development. If we will be made to pay then that's more real money needed to make it up plus more dilithium going into a system with very little return.

Let's not forget that it costs dilithium to buy ships now, a LOT for new players.

At the rate Cryptic is monopolizing STO - it's soon going to become more expensive to play Star Trek Online FTP then it ever was under the subscription system. That is NOT progress. That's a sign that the developers simply wish to sponge as much money out of the playerbase before moving on.

Dilithium is simply becoming too important a currency to strive for anymore. Fleet starbases will languish at Tier II - III.5 as people realize that grinding for identical starbases simply becomes too much like work, and less of a game.

For any developers that read this, it's time you took a step back and considered the long view. Don't drive people away simply because you have the ability to.