Thread: Is AMSing OK?
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10-23-2012, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
Don't play much PVP but if you but the equipment and it works with your tactics then use it. A lot of ships I brought normally don't have the consoles they were brought with and they sit in my bank.
But these items are made to help you win the game so if you use it and can win with it then great however there should be something that can counteract the device or ability and from what I can gather from playing the PVP and fighting within fleet matches there is always a way to counteract anything. You just have to have the ability to do so.
as you said you dont pvp much. dont take this the wrong way or anything. but a guy who dont pvp mych goes into pvp with a p2w console and gets owned. the guy who does pvp all the time with a p2w console knows how to use it much better for that perfect edge. me and rand al thore had a pvp 1v1 with 5 rounds just for lol. he had his recluse me in my bug. we both had ams but i had a tric mine. he had tb pets. if i put you in the same match would you know when to use your capt powers with bo lay out time the ams tb and trics? all it took was for him to mess up and give me his heals and get tric bombed.

tho we did go escourt to escourt and his sci escourt owned me with tric spam hahahaha freaking sub nukes lol