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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I don't quite get the complains from some that KDF would not have an embassy. They do, this is canon, and the assumption that Klingons would be too dumb to see the usefulness of talking to your friends and to neutrals astonishes me a lot.
Yes it's definitely canon, people ranting on this point should have a better knowledge of the IP.

I remember an DS9 episode where O'Brian was infiltrating the orion syndicate and there's something related to a Klingon ambassador. I don't remember that precisely but there are Klingon embassies and ambassadors.

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Regarding the Romulan Doffs and Boffs, I assume they will be tradeable, so that is how people without a big fleet can get them.
It's been my first thought. There's a 50% chance they forgot to bind boffs - and they shouldn't change that since it would lower the rant on the forums. They often forget to do that, many special boffs are tradeable.