Thread: Is AMSing OK?
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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
As an argument to the value of AMS...

Yes it has long CD, but does that really matter? SNB also has a silly long CD, but it's considered to be the top killer skill in STO. AMS may not be as strong as SNB, but it sure messes up a team, and it can be equipped at almost no opportunity cost, by any captain class and ship type. And if it IS cleared, the road is wide open for a SNB strike. It's like giving SS3-Turbo to a sciscort.
Its a tactic like any other and if the ST counter did not work for it I would say its in poor choice to use AMS, but since it does have a counter and is a legit game ability I can not say its unfair.
Bad taste, maybe.
Annoying, yes.
Unfair, no. Besides now the KDF can get access to AMS as well, so maybe it'll clean up in the wash of being used by both sides.

As well, it does give reason to skill in Sensors, as the Sensors skill will reduce the amount of time you are scrambled.
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