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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
Personally I think its hilarious that its a Science console. Now if you want to tank you have to choose between increased threat and increased shield capacity when any tank would want both.

It needs to be an engineering console. That way Science ships can get 1/2 and still shield tank and Cruisers can get 1/2 and still take 2/3 armor consoles.

In my opinion these consoles need to do something other than just add threat control. (Full disclosure: I have not seen them yet, they may do more than just threat control)

Here are the issues with these consoles:

1) They are Science, and not Engineering. Forcing a cruiser that usually has less Sci consoles than Eng to start with to sacrifice Shield Capacity if they want to ... soak more damage?

2) Just as with the threat control skill, these consoles need to grant hull resistance of some kind. It makes no sense to both accept more incoming damage (a liability) and at the same time also give up mitigation.

Neither the Threat Control skill on ground/space, nor Draw Fire on the ground work like this they both grant extra resistance to deal with the greater incoming damage.

While an item that would help with Threat Control is welcome, these consoles appear they will do so with too high an opportunity cost.

I challenge anyone to PUG queue a handful of Elite Space STFs to see just how many Cruisers you come across without Threat Control (My guess is more than 90% of them) - this is because Threat Control is already a liability, much less dropping Field Gens from your Sci Console slots to add even more of it.

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