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10-23-2012, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
I honestly wish the Dev Team would reconsider this Dilithium Tax, or at least give us some explaination why they are doing this all of a sudden.

Because this Dilithum Tax is just going to hurt everyone, especially small fleets who have to do the DOFF shuffle in order to get the right DOFFs to projects. And lets not forget that a lot of people are very low on Dilithium right now because of these same Starbase Projects.

I just hope this isn't somekind of conn by Perfect World to force us to spend Zen on the Dilithum Exchange, because that's something like the mafia did.
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Did the downgrinder increase by as much? Been too busy to check.

Thought off one perspective on this:

Suppose they don't like how people can grind up AND down (even with some loss) to get the DOff their fleet needs for projects? You could do this repeatedly until you get the white DOff you need.


Would much prefer DOff grinder times go up than costs go up. 5 seconds is the crazy part, not prices/costs/rewards.

Raise time to 4 hours.

Again, look at adding fleet and personal DOff/Rep project time reducers on C-Store if they want to make more $$$.
I agree. I think EC would be an ok way to pay instead of dilithium, but this is even better. The dilithium costs just mean I won't be upgrading DOffs as much because of the need for dilithium elsewhere.