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10-23-2012, 08:05 AM
joxertm2, all you talk about are *out of DOff System* rewards.
I get where you come from, but thats not what i'm talking about.

Personally i would like to see some other options what to do with CXP other than turning them into Fleetmarks.
It's a good option, but it is the only one?

i don't even play the Fleetmark Missions anymore because i get so many marks from DOffing and that Foundry daily that i just don't need to play those any more (don't get dilithium from those either...) ...AND i have a hard time contributing those marks because my fleet has more problems filling the 60 green security doffs than it would have filling 9000 Fleetmarks.

In the end, all obsolete fleet credits probably will be turned back into DOffs,
thats one way of looking at it i guess... because right now ALL i do in the DOff system is to feed the starbase, be it collecting CXP, DOffs or Dilithium...

The DOff System is there to add flavor to the gameworld,
maybe even some kind of depth (if such a thing exists in STO).

The feeling that my DOffs are my Ships CREW has gone out the window the moment i had to start sacrificing them to the Starbase gods and had to start grinding white ones to keep the supply up.

At that moment they stopped being my CREW and became a COMMODITY instead.

At some day the Starbase will be finished... and i hope i can get back to playing the DOff System again like it was intended.
Get those 400 Purples!
Collect a full Cardassian / Ferengi / Jem'Hadar Crew on my LockBox Ships etc.

The DOff system is text and chance based only, there is no need for huge Dev hours to add a new Chain, a new set of flavor missions or something like that. It can be done by ONE dude really... ok 2 if you add ThomasTheCat for the Icon / UI work...

... i guess what i want is that there is some Dev adding new CONTENT to the DOff System again, on a more regular basis, to keep the system itself interesting.

New Chains to hunt with neat goodies at the end plus a few neat repeatable missions to unlock.
New assignments to figure out and make it hard enough so we don't just click our way through but actually have to do something for it.

If they can't keep the DOff System supplied with a decent amount of new pure TEXT assignments...
not even when something new is released like a complete new Sector Block+Season?
Then we really don't need to be surprised about the low amount of Featured Episode Series these past 2 Years.

By god i did not want this to be a rant thread...
...but i am sick of waiting for a BLOG post from Brandon that talks about the DOff System, which may not even happen this Season.

So back to my question: Will there be anything GOOD for the DOff System in Season 7?

And i do not consider adding a 500 dilithium cost to the general recruitment pack or increasing the dilithium cost to the up grinder like that a GOOD thing. That will only push people away from DOffing.

Why not just remove the DOff requirements from the Starbase Projects and quadruple the Dilithium Cost per SB Project... it's the same effect in the long run, without hurting the DOff System.
And while you're at it, remove all those other commodities and just let me slot the EC directly, it's just silly replicating 7500 Shield Generators in packs of 50.

*rabble rabble*