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10-23-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by thenoobcamper View Post
Am I the only person experiencing this.

I beam down to an unknown planet to do a mission, I fight the first group of enemies, go to the next group and notice 2 of my BOFFs are missing.

So I go on a hunt to find them, I see them on the minimap, but I can't actually see them. Then I realize they are in the ground.

I have also had this happen to enemies, its kinda funny to see my BOFF's shooting the ground and all, but it also makes it hard to complete said mission.

This has happened to me twice now.
this mainly happens where you scann the medical supplies, its a very old bug , been here sence the begining just about and a bug they never bothered to fix, its been reported i bet 1000s of times and well the just dont care about this bug for what ever reason, they will say there fixing more important bugs but realy ya think after nearly 2 and a half years it be fixed by now , lol