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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
There's a difference. The new ability has a 10 minute CD. you can't use it as often.
but it gives 15k HP. If you allow the Borg to deal such an amount of damage in less than 5 minutes there's something wrong in your STF. And 5 people can get it, so you can run it every two minutes. They just brought a god mode to STO...

And of course tac initiative will severly lower the CD on it. When I told you it was a god mode...

I guess that one more time it's not been tested with 5 guys chaining it.

So, if you test this with 5 tacs chaining tac initiative you'll end up seeing that this heal shouldn't give more than 500 or so hp at most, since regular drones barely hit your hp anyway. Even nerfed to 500 hp it can save and auto res one guy every minute or so with such a team. That already makes playing stfs a joke.

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