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I reached Tier 1 and I have a few questions about things here...

I see that I do not actually have access to the passive ability, I'll assume that this has yet to go live on TTS. Nor do I have access to the store.
There is are store 'unlock' missions that I can do but since it is not an technically an upgrade missions you have to wait until there is an active slot open to do them. Is this just a mistake or will all of your other upgrade missions now have to compete with regular missions to get done? All at 1 day and 16 hours.

Also once you've complete T1 you unlock a total of 6 new missions, three 'unlock' not upgrade missions, and three additional regular missions. All of these missions provide only 200xp for while the 2 beginning T0 missions provide 2000xp and 800xp respectively. Are the rewards for all the new missions going to be this small and will the old T0 missions disappear afterwards?