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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
It's been posted, I think by salamiinferno.

He also mentioned the weapons will cost 'similar to dil store items'.

36 per set piece x 3 pieces = 108,000 dilithium
*approx 22k dil per weapon x 6 to 8 weapons = 132,000 to 176,000 dilithium
T5 rep unlock approx 200k dil = 200,000 dilithium

To gear a cruiser with MACO 3 piece, 8 weapons and rep =

484,000 dilithium

Current exchange price = 160 dil per 1 zen

Value of 1 character's worth of full STF gear = 3,025 zen ($30) OR 60 days of dilithium grinding at 8,000 dilithium per day*.

Since we are losing EDC, Salvage and Tech turn ins for Dilithium as well as I think losing Dilithium for Normal STFs (unconfirmed) while also gaining 2 more dil sinks in the DOFF system, 2 full reputation dil sinks and also the new Embassy sink - it is quite possible that the dil will become stronger vs. the zen.

*Having multiple characters does not necessarily help with this as they would need to be geared as well. Unless you have like 4-8 dilithium farm mules who only exist to feed your single main character.

Good luck getting those fleet & embassy dilithium donations.

ZING!!!!...... Ouch, did you feel that, yep that hurts