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10-23-2012, 02:15 PM
I think what they meant to say was..

"attention all, we are featuring an out of date ship for the same price as always, to try and entice you to buy just in case you missed it the previous thousand visits to the c-store"

I agree with the previous posts and would also add that all previous c-store ships should be taken down as they cannot hope to keep up with lockbox ships and other fleet ships. They should also not be a prereq. to getting a fleet ship either.

It is another "double-dip in the wallets of our customers" philosophy that cryptic/PWE has ordained. You have to buy this ship in order to get the tier 4 version of it.. thereby spending more dilithium, etc.. on modules and fleet credits.

why make your customers only pay for things once when you can give them the exact same thing again with a few modifications and get double the profit. I feel as if I am bartering with a ferengi in a dark cargo bay. Shady...

Some fleets are getting near to tier 4 which is why it is such a "coincidence" that cryptic/pwe featured this ship now.
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