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# 1040 Bad day?
10-23-2012, 02:30 PM
There I was.....

I gotta say I don't believe I've seen this happen before.

I pugged into an ISE.

I said 'Hi' as usual.

No responce.

All ships hit the first group and wipe it out quick.

I type '10% rule?'

No responce.

I fly to the left and start on the cube.

I look around, where is everybody?

No ships in sight.

I find them finally, all 4 in different areas about 30k off in the distance.

I type, 'Even farmers should know that if there's nobody fighting theres no rewards.'

No responce.

I kill the cube by myself then kill one node and release the hords on the left.

I fly to the other side and kill the cube, kill one node and release the hords on the right.

I type 'Think you guys can handle this?'

No responce.

I pug out.

I have no idea what happened after that. I was just imagining that they didn't even know I left and sat there waiting for their goodies. Or maybe they argued about who was going to 'save the day.' Or maybe they just pugged out.

We may never know.