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I was looking for the rare commodities trade assignment that gets you the alien artifact and found it in the rolor nebula but it said i needed more shape shifting lockets, when i went back to see how many more i needed a few minutes later, the assignment was gone. it was on the "Assignments" current sector under "trade". I went on my bridge of my frieghter and walked up to my ferengi trader but it wasn't there either.I found it before on another captain outside DS9 on the "trader" on the bridge of the D'Kora.I understand it appears in the zeta,beta,alpha tri quadrants and the surounding nebulas and expanse but don't know why it disapeared. I know theres a 3 day cool down but its been 2 weeks since i last did it with this captain.I was wondering if theres a easier way to find it than going to all the quadrants sectors,looking at "trade" under current sector,then beaming to my bridge,checking with my trader on board after running to the far end of my frieghter than warping to the nebulas and expanse and doing the same thing.