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10-23-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by pinoir View Post
Also once you've complete T1 you unlock a total of 6 new missions, three 'unlock' not upgrade missions, and three additional regular missions. All of these missions provide only 200xp for while the 2 beginning T0 missions provide 2000xp and 800xp respectively. Are the rewards for all the new missions going to be this small and will the old T0 missions disappear afterwards?
200 XP for Tier 1 missions, while Tier 0 is 2000 / 800? Either someone at Cryptic misplaced a 0, or they really intentially not making this fun.

Which makes this MUCH WORSE for those people who been struggling to complete their MK12 sets, which Cryptic keeps compounding insult to injury by making them wait many more months and then forcing them to pay 36,000 DL per set piece.

Honestly, the more I learn about Season 7, the more I'm thinking about leaving. No point in putting money into a game that isn't fun.