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10-23-2012, 03:32 PM
Bought mine way back... It's an ok ship but it's dated.

*) For example no effort has been made to fix the re-assemble animation.

*) The separated sections do not use the cannons and torpedos you install... somehow they get transfered to whatever section you are running. How that even works defies my understanding of even Star Trek Technobabble.
----They should make one unit mount cannons, another mount the torpedos/mines and the third revert to "basic weapons" but have a shield/turn/speed/hull buff or something

*) The pets do not have any sort of command ability, They go off and do their own thing.
-----Carrier commands should be added to this ship.

Complaints aside, it can be a fun ship in the right hands... I had fun with mine before I moved on to other ships.