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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
Both of those things are integral parts of PvP, and Cryptic failed at making it a part of standard gameplay as well.
It's meaningless pew pew though. There's no real win nor any real loss. It's pretty casual.

So there's going to be the folks that spent all day killing Gorn frigates while you fragged the cruisers, took out the battleships, cleared the mines, and solo'd the dread...

...there's no real incentive - those that have incentives of their own, well...they tend to form or join fleets and work on those elements.

Originally Posted by hexdecimaluk View Post
TY il look into that for myself but it does not solve anything i have already explained why in the OP.
This is what STOwiki has for the sets:

Course, some of that's changing with S7...

As for the Fleet stuff - there's nothing stopping somebody from joining a Fleet - getting the gear that way... and they may even end up working on some of the teamwork stuff...