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10-23-2012, 04:47 PM
Gear is important to a certain extent, but it's not the real problem. You can have the best gear in the game and still die in seconds to a coordinated team of t4 ships with green equipment (even if you matched their skill level).

PvPers have been having to put up with so much overpowered rubbish and premade-queue-trolling lately that about the only people left PvPing are experienced PvPers (most of which mainly PvP in a premade so again put off more casual PvPers). This has left the PvP community pretty thin, virtually dead.

The best solution to be honest is the following:-
1) Seperate queues for premades and pugs. I can not stress how much better this will make PvP.
2) A ladder system - If there ever is a PvP reputation system, this could work hand in hand with it. Those at tier 1 PvP reputation will be pitted against those of a similar tier and so on up to tier 5. Tier grinding could be based on number of kills/heals/whatever, combined with accolades. It won't be perfect but it should help immensely.

Putting players up against those of a similar skill level and team make up (premade or not a premade) will mean they're roughly evenly matched. This in turn will give them room to improve and develop an interest in PvP.
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