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10-23-2012, 04:57 PM
Just a few notes.

Tier 1: +3% Critical Chance (Ground) or +30 Weapon Proficency (Ground)
Tier 2: +3% Critical Chance (Space) or +30 Weapon Training (Space)
There's a display bug on Tribble right now that's indicating that you'll get +30 Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Training from some of the Romulan options. These are incorrect; the alternatives to Crit Chance are Personal Shield Systems and Starship Shields Systems.

Tier 4: 5% Chance to Placate or Shield Regeneration (Ship)
The 5% Placate here is a bug - that was there as a placeholder. The alternative to Shield Regeneration is actually a 2.5% chance for your energy weapons to proc Kinetic damage with 100% shield penetration.

First off, isn't Romulan weapons Disruptors, not Plasma weaponry?
Within the scope of STO, Romulans are intended to primarily use Plasma weapons. We're also adding Plasma/Disruptor hybrid weapons to the Romulan reputation system, and some NPCs may be retrofitted to use these.

But the Tier 4 Placate, I have to question this ability. Why a placate proc? It sounds like something counterproductive to placate a target while shooting at it, with the intention to destroy. Was the idea to reduce threat? Because most people will likely continue firing, making such a proc not very useful.
Unlike Jam Sensors, this Placate proc isn't fragile, meaning you won't break it from dealing more damage.

As for the Omega store, why is there no Borg DOFFs from the old STF Store?
We'll be re-implementing these eventually, but they won't be in right at launch.

I think this ability should be rethought. Perhaps a 5% chance to have a severe Plasma proc by plasma weaponry? (This gives players a reason to use Plasma weapons).
One of the new suites of consoles available in the Romulan reputation system has a function similar to this. It essentially adds a Plasma proc to non-Plasma space weapons, and if you're already using Plasma space weapons it increases their raw damage. This is in addition to having other functions, such as science stat bonuses.

Given the Romulan abilities, the first thing I have to question is these abilities only for Borg and Romulans or they are permanent power boosts? Because that could mean a player could stack Weapon abilities for a total of +60 in both space and on the ground.
These are always on - they work much like investing skill points. That said, the fact that there are two powers displaying weapon skill is a bug. Sorry about that.

Tier 4, another placate ability, which with the Romulan Placate could mean %10 proc (unless there is somekind of diminishing return). So what could that mean for both PvP and PvE with such an ability?
As mentioned earlier, this is a bug. There shouldn't be any duplicate abilities; some of these were still placeholder when the patch went to Tribble. Sorry about the confusion.

Free Medical Nanites sounds like quite a nice tool. But what of ramifications in Ground PvP? Or perhaps it could make PvE easy (even on Elite?)
We are closely monitoring feedback from both our internal QA department and public testers on the balance of these abilities. The tier 5 abilities are intended to be powerful, but they shouldn't be game breaking.