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10-23-2012, 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by kirkryder View Post
Just had a look at season 7 in tribble, to be honest with you. You can keep it, its hard enough doing the starbase missions as it is without adding another 6 for our own "reputation."

Costing us more dili, while you take more away from the rewards, I liked being able to cash in a prototype for dili, now we are going to lose it.

Why can't other people see this is just going to make the game worse, not better...

If i goes live, I will, lake many others putting the last nail in the coffin for STO.
I guess you haven't looked hard enough at S7 you can still turn in the elite marks for Dilithium, yes this is not proto-salvage but is equivilant to the EDC that you could turn in for D as well and 300 & 900 Dilithium will not break you in the game to up the rep system yes I'm sure the cost goes up as you tier up but we are still getting the rewards and then some for doing the same grind we would be doing now and atleast once you do tier up you will get the set complete instead of a "chance" of it dropping I would prefer this system over the one now by 100%