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10-23-2012, 05:39 PM
There is no PvP Gear.
It's all PvE Gear.

If a person wants the gear - they can get it like anybody else did:

1) Grind for it.
2) Play the Lotto.
3) Buy it.

I mean, c'mon... it's like riding a bicycle to the car wash and saying they should hand out free cars. No, if you want to go to the car wash to wash a car...bring a car. If you find that gear is your issue in PvP, then go get gear and come back.

This isn't a game where they have split PvP and PvE gear - where you have to "suffer" through the PvP while undergeared to reach a point where you feel geared...

...course, on the flip side - one does have to "suffer" through PvE to get that gear.

If anything, one might say there should be the option of selecting how you suffer to get your gear, eh? I tried putting catnip on my keyboard so the cat would play the normal STFs for me... but he complained about how bad the other players were...

edit: Don't get me wrong - if you had the choice between a piece of wood being on your team or me - I'd recommend the piece of wood. Still though - there are some folks that simply do not care to put the least bit of effort into anything... and well... there's too many of them.

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