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# 1 Upcoming Focus Testing - Vesta
10-23-2012, 06:19 PM
Hi Captains,

I wanted to give you a heads up that you may be seeing a few Vestas flying around on Tribble in the near future. We'd like to let you know we'll be doing some volunteer, focused testing on the Vesta by some members of the community.

For this testing phase, we've looked for members of the community who have a history of testing new additions on Tribble and/ or providing succinct, constructive (positive and negative) feedback regarding additions. They and other peers they recommended will be playtesting the Vesta in group and solo play.

Some of the testing that will occur with the Vesta includes:

  • PvP
  • STFs
  • PvE
  • Powers
  • Costumes/ Patterns

We'd like to continue doing this in the future so please continue to provide constructive feedback on your Tribble playtests and you never know--you might even be selected by me or recommended by a peer for future testing!

Please let me know if you have any questions by replying to this thread and I'll answer what I can

P.S. We'll be releasing a Dev Blog on the Vesta, including stats and powers, in the near future.


Brandon =/\=