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# 1 Role-playing fleets
10-23-2012, 06:30 PM
Here you can post all the fleets that role-play.
I think you'll agree that, just as in the beginning of STO, we need to have more role-playing.
in Discovery mod for Freelancer you know that the entire server is strictly rp. Stories are developed, characters are developed, fleet relations build on each others interaction to develop some history concerning their fleet in relation to the current storyline.

So post which fleets role-play, making sure that you do not post the same fleet more than once.

For individual players who do NOT have a fleet, but want to role-play, post who you are and your in-game address (@JohnDoe) so role-playing fleets could either interact with you as an individual or take you into their fleet.

Since Cryptic does not have a separate section where each person has their OWN thread for their character, for example - if enough people post HERE, hopefully they will consider making a separate section for role-player's characters/fleets.

- U.S.S. Starchaser
- 82nd Defense Force (UFP)
- 82nd Defense Force (KDF)
- Starfleet Intelligence
- Beta-Quadrant-Squadron
- Praxian Alliance
- Phoenix Alliance
- Task Force Delta
- 1st Order of Role-Players' Guild
- 12th Fleet's Medical Division
- 20th Fleet (contact @historiphile in-game)
- Trust fleet (doing story lines that incorporate the Foundry...)
- 5th Special Operations Division
- 42nd Science Division
- House of Ke'ek
- [IND] Independent Neuralnet Division - Recruitment |


Independent Role-players:

- Myself
- Kudlah
- Rukia
- Hooch
- Retrimus

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