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Originally Posted by howiebabey82 View Post
im new to the game but id like some opinions on a few ships im very interested in

first the odyssey tactical cruiser i see solid armor solid weapon slots and aquarious escort
questions do you launch the aquarious escort in combat or does it fly around you as soon as you enter combat? can the aquarious escort last in a battle?
The Odyssey Escort is a non-controllable pet. If you controll aggro aka Tank, the escort can last quite a while. It's no going last long in a large scale fleet action.

please compare these 2 against each other so i can get an idea of what id like more

next the odyssey operations cruiser looks to be the same buid cept instead of the aquarious escort it has the chevron seperation does the chevron seperation take more damage then the aquarious escort?
The ceveron seperate is like the Exploration Cruiser Refit Saucer Seperation. The Saucery section of the Oddy becomes a non-controllable pet. That follows yous and will fire on your targets (mostly). The Battle Hull/Star Hull is the part your fly. You manuverability and power to weapons do up with reduced crew and hull. It's a popular configuration for a lot of players. Makes Oddy perform more like an Escort. (But it is NOT an escoirt).

next we have the explorations cruiser it looks similar to the operations cruiser whats the difference between the two of them ?
This Oddy is more science origensed. +10 Shields and +10 Aux and have Sensor Analysis which is a stacking damage buff as long you target the thing. It's has launchable pets which will hull the targe tthey follow if the hull falls below 75%. And it differs (4 pets per launch).

next the multi vector advanced escort 3 seperate ships put into one and it can seperate all 3 what whats the hull strength and weapons count on each?
share your thoughts on this thing
MVAM AE is a versatle Escor tiwht a lt Command Science Bridge station. It seperates into 3 different sections which perform like an Escort, Cruiser and Science Vessel. You choose which one you can to pilot. It's a popular Escort in STFs are it can take Gravity Well and other high end Science Abilities.

finally the federation caitan attrox carrier hang in the back and let the cloaked fighters do the damage terrible maneuverability

The Atrox can dish out decent damage on it's own. True it's not very maneuverable but it's a Science Ships w/o Sensor Analysis. You posittion yourself strategically and direct your fighers to do very good amounts of damage. Do not understimate the amount of damage a Carrier of any type can do. Also the Atrox is very sturdy ships as well.