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10-23-2012, 10:08 PM
I personally have a Galor, and while it's not my favorite, I do enjoy it.

I generally do hull tank more than I shield tank, so maybe my view is rather biased in that regard, but I still understand why you need to focus on shields in this thing. I run it with the Jem'hader set and a single cannon/turret build with Polaron weapons. I know that Victory is Life doesn't work, but even so, the Polaron boost from the Jem'hader set, does, and can help push out a little more.

That said, I don't feel like the Galor has enough teeth for my personal tastes though.

The Spiral Wave Disruptors are incredible, I won't deny it at all, Accx2 and Dmgx2 (even if the dmg ones aren't that useful) is still quite good, far better than STF or Fleet space gear. Even before they gained the extra DMG modifier, Spiral Waves were very good to have. Phaser and Disruptor procs together as well are both pretty awesome.

That said, while I do recommend the Galor, I still prefer my D'kora more.