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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
With the Romulan Tier 3, I have to question the knockback proc. Currently in the STFs, a knockback during pulls is rather unpopular. Only time it would be useful in pushing Borg away from Nodes in CGE, knocking the Borg into the Plasma in IGE or off the ledge in ETH. But in normal combat, it could be a rather annoying ability, especially in Ground PvP.
Yea i could see a full team focusing on the knockback to be quiete an issue... 30% chance to crit on ground with buffs and gambler and a 20% chance to knockback and thats before consumables and weapon crit chances even, a full team doing that could be mega annoying. Makes me wonder if theres some immunity to that knockback in place like for rifle butt. Any chance you could say something about the knockback archon?

Im also wondering about the 50% chance of a shield heal on taking a crit.. that sounds like a really powerful ability.. with its +151 shields its like +40% filling shields, crits on ground happen quiete frequently if theres not some cooldown-debuff in place (like with the borg-space set shield heal proc) this could totally nerf fast firing weapons in ground pvp.. i.e. omega carbine.

Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
We are closely monitoring feedback from both our internal QA department and public testers on the balance of these abilities. The tier 5 abilities are intended to be powerful, but they shouldn't be game breaking.
Quick question... will we have enough time to level it up on tribble before it hits holodeck?

Especially grinding those omega marks on tribble seem to be a pain.. not many people play stfs there regularly.. wouldn't you guys get a lot more feedback on it if you add some testing-npc on tribble that levels testing toons reputation up at some point?

Same with the new kits btw.. would be cool to get some chance testing em to give some feedback before they hit holodeck.. not sure if theres enough time to grind the embassy up in time.

Im also wondering if theres any sort of respec option planed yet for those reputation choices.. or if we are going to be stuck with what we choose forever.

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