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excelcior/galor/regent build modified after more testing

now, for the polished turd, the kirk-tastic galaxy R build sorry mav but i got to post it, it does sort of work too well not too, and the lulz factor that it does is very high. this is also a great build for the negvar. also star cruiser and mirror star cruiser too, use the ENS for TSS1.

4 single cannons, 4 turrets

DOFFs= 3 purple tech, 2 purple BFI

EPtS1, AtB1, EWP1, DEM3
EPtA1, AtB1, RSP2
TB1, HE2

station power acronyms long form cheat sheet-

deflector= omega
engine = omega
shield = maco

eng consoles- 1 nutronium, 2 turn, borg

sci consoles- 3 flow cap

tac consoles- 2 weapon energy type

this ship has 1 usable tac station other then the one used for TT, that means your limited to all beams or all cannons, but thats not a bad thing at all. remember, thanks to AtB you will have uptime as if you had 2 copies of it. you are also limited to 2 tactical consoles, so you have to be creative when you deal damage.

this ship is a pig, but it somehow is able to use single cannons as long as you dont get in to close. you need to rely on your maneuverable escort attacker to get in point blank range and try to get his easy kill. thats what EWP is for. fully tac buffed, with 3 flow cap consoles, CRF glider and DEM all together will actually do surprising damage. DEM and glider don't care if you only have 2 tac consoles, they work anyway.

when your separated, your extreamly maneuverable making attacking much easier of course. just watch out for IKS Marmot HOD...

you don't run into the problem of having any ENS tac stations you don't need, out of what you can slot in ether a tac or sci station, it turns out that 1 additional crappy hull heal is the most useful. so the actual assault cruiser and fleet heavy cruiser are really inferior here, you have to use a suboptimal weapon setup, and your down a hull heal that you will need.

skill point distribution

*edit- Your Directed Energy Modulation III deals 345 (454) Tetryon Damage(Critical) to _.

nice. DEM seems to be adding 50% to 100% more damage to each shot. but its not quite per shot, there isnt a DEM entry for every rapid fire entry. think theres a cap on how many times it can go off every second.
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