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I am certain that what i am going to write is not the absolute list of items which would be nice to have available in the Foundry. I would appreciate if developers reviewed what Foundry authors include in this thread because it will not only improve our stories, but also provide usable missions by Cryptic in the future.

Some items I came across.

1. A Klingon author can not make Klingon enemies. Eventhough Klingon history is filled with house wars, we are unable to use this aspect of the game. By providing this option, it is possible to create more low level missions which Cryptic has wanted to work on for the Klingon faction. Allow the Foundry authors to help you in this endeavor.

2. More TOS options. In regards to ships and NPCs.

3. Provide options to destroy objects with sachel charges

4. The ability to create melee only missions (Bat'leth tourneys)

5. Add civilian NPCs and NPC groups. Primarilly for promps, include religious leaders/monks.

6. The ability to save maps in a general file so an author can reuse maps in different missions.