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10-24-2012, 02:06 AM
i am so oldschool....

back in the day i got mine for 500 EMBLEMS !!!

the new Freepers won't even know that you once could get this ship for 100% FREE


and then later, just before F2P, i bought it anyway to have it account wide before the price bump and i'm using it on a SCI char now instead of a TAC who since then got a nice Tier 5 Armitag ahem AKIRA Class.

MVAM + Holo fleet from Science Captain Powers results in some nice pet spam, now if i only could get the power from that Temporal Ship with the mirror universe duplicates slotted on my MVAM that'd be too epic...

Geko told us (a long long time ago, back when the Odyssey was just out) that they were working with new Tech from the Odyssey to make the parts that fly back to you your own Ships (instead of this default animation, with wrong ship parts), and that the Ship would not have to STOP midflight to go into MVAM mode... (on the show they did that at WARP!!! so why do we need to stop even at impulse?).

I think i remember that i've read later that they ran into some sort of code problem and then no word popped up about it ever again.
What did ever happen to that? Any chance this will still happen?

PS: how about a new 2409 skin for the Ship?

I will of course get the Fleet Variant for one module (already bought for EC on the exchange) but we just made Tier 4, Tier 5 will take a long time.

@Brandon: good job bringing player attention back to old bugs, now get em fixed ;P