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Do you fit any of these?

1. Playing solo for a long time and now would like to spend more time learning how to roleplay scenerios beyond the social bar scenes?

2. A player who has accomplished great things in game, but have not worked on character development in regards to who the character is (history, goals, values, tenents) and would like to build a biography story for yourself?

3. Been in a fleet/fleets that claimed to have active roleplaying, but didn't provide support to the few members that desired actual roleplay?

4. A player who actively roleplayed in other arenas and really wants to get the full roleplaying effect within Star Trek Online?

5. A player that wants the opportunity to roleplay on a daily basis?

Why is the House of Aler Acht'Jar right for you?

A. We are unique from other KDF fleets because our number 1 focus is to support roleplaying. Other fleets focus on starbase building, PvPs, PvEs, STFs, and Fleet Actions. Some may have roleplaying available, but it is a lower priority so few members participate and fewer opportunities exsist.

B. We have several experienced roleplayers which are pro-active and participate in roleplay on a daily basis. We are open to less experienced roleplayers and willing to teach the etiquette of roleplaying.

C. We have created and continue to create Foundry missions which provide role playing opportunities throughout the story. Foundry missions are different from the normal ones found in this respect. There are enough gaps to allow you and your party to roleplay characters rather than rush through missions.

D. Actively roleplay on a daily basis, we do not require anyone to participate. We only make it available.

E. We do not place a focus on any other aspect because it is our philosophy that the number one goal is to HAVE FUN in the game and not be over burdened to donate to building starbases, get fleet ships for the leaders, support what other people want, or anything that doesn't interest you the individual.

So, if this information is of interest to you.

PM Yandia@quatok

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