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10-24-2012, 02:44 AM
The Excelsior now fits in better than before. It is quite frankly the most maneuverable of all the Federation end-game cruisers by a fairly significant margin, and the Lt. Cmdr tactical slot is still quite powerful.

It seems to fit in a spot between the Assault Cruiser classic and the Assault Cruiser refit on the spectrum of tank cruiser to battle cruiser, and it's arguably better qualified to mount cannons than anything except for MAYBE the AC-R and the Odyssey with saucer sep, and the last two have some major caveats that the Excelsior doesn't due to the maneuverability issues.

It's also the only choice for a RA tactical-heavy cruiser for the Feds, as, unlike the AC-R, it can be obtained at level 40.

Unfortunately the engineering ensign is still pretty useless, though.

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