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10-24-2012, 03:47 AM
imho one of the better cruisers for DD, but not as good as the fleet vor'cha. So for fed's is one of the obvious choices, but for klingons (since the introduction of the fleet vorcha) a waste of money, even with those very nice weapons it comes with.
But i think they can't keep up with MKXII borg weapons when you actually fight borg.

On the ltd universal: Why not fill it with a tac boff? ensign sci is sufficent for PVE content if you fill it with TSS1, the hull heals can be easily compensated with AUX2SIF.

Still i would go with a D'kora class into battle. The ability to switch from tanking to DD during the duration of a battle makes that ship more versatile + bank, Exchange, dabo on your bridge. but since i do not own one, thats my opinion only. And i base that opinion on what members of my fleet told me in those chatty hours on TS.
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