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10-24-2012, 05:30 AM
If you want something that hits hard and takes a beating, I'd suggest adding the Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier to your consideration list. It's not on your list, but compare to the only escort on your list, the MVAE, it has similar damage of its own. Instead of separating it launches fighters. The fighters are more reliable extra DPS, since even though they're easier to lose, they can be replenished as they're lost, so you'll usually have at least some of them out. MVAM sections that are lost can't be replaced until after you reconnect and separate again, and there's fairly long cooldowns involved. It's slower than the MVAE (Same base speed, but without the speed bonus while separated), but still substantially faster than anything else on your list. It has more hull and an LTC engineer station, which opens up all kinds of defensive options.

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