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10-24-2012, 06:48 AM
Really a great fleet, that goes for all 3 of them. I joined House of Kular 2 month ago, but got kicked recently due to multiclaning. While i accept this decission, i really can't understand why it is essential for a fleet to exist, that all members must have all their toons in those fleets. i think this is seriously limiting options and cuts deep into the freedom of choice for members.
I get it that everybody has to agree to those terms before joining, but that doesn't make them logical or unchallengeable rules.

i don't want to make this sound like a rant because i got kicked, i'd like to look at it as a feedback from an exmember.

So anybody that is searching for a home for ALL of his toons in this game, go with UFP...great fleets.
Anybody who is just searching for a home for SOME of his toons, will just need to keep looking, which is sad for both the UFP and the person who is searching.
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